Lights, Camera, Stream: The Rising Popularity of Live Streaming Apps

Lights, Camera, Stream: The Rising Popularity Of Live Streaming Apps

November 17, 2023

Live streaming has completely changed how consumers consume and engage with material in the digital world in recent years. Live streaming apps have taken the world by storm, bridging geographical boundaries and bringing people together in real-time for everything from recording private moments to broadcasting professional events. This blog post examines the reasons behind the success of app development by e-commerce app development companies in ksa that resulted in live broadcast and offer numerous facets of contemporary life as it relates to their expanding popularity.

Live streaming apps are becoming increasingly popular and in demand. People's access to video streaming, such as through video streaming applications, has increased, with revenue reaching $72 billion in 2021. It is expected to reach $115 by 2026. By 2030, it is anticipated that its market share will be $534.37 billion, making it one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. 


Live broadcasting on mobile devices has a lot of advantages. Making your in-person events accessible for remote attendance is a terrific way to increase the reach of your company or organization, so there are various professional mobile app development companies in Riyadh that can help. One of the factors contributing to the increased availability and accessibility of events is the growing significance of live streaming.

You may organize your first live-streaming event with the help of an android application development company in Saudi Arabia or without little to no technical experience if you use a reputable live-streaming platform. Live streaming has the benefit of being simple to use even for those without a lot of technical expertise.

What Is Live Streaming App

Live streaming is a broadcasting technique that transmits audio and video of events taking place in real-time to viewers on mobile devices over the internet. Because it enables businesses and organizations to engage with people on a more fundamental level beyond their lack of physical location, live streaming is growing in popularity in the professional sector.

Live streaming is becoming more and more popular because events are now more accessible.

 Because it enables businesses to share personal experiences, service marketing, live statements, virtual classes, worship services, and wildlife broadcasts, streaming live events online can be useful and powerful in a variety of scenarios. There are several reasons live streaming can be a good fit for your company. 

Live Streaming Smartphone Apps

The main purpose of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, even though they allow people to do so, is to interact with family and close friends. Like this, the YouTube app is a fantastic tool for live video streaming on mobile devices, but it lacks the monetization features you'd generally require if you're organizing events that you expect visitors to pay to see. 

There is now a tone of live streaming smartphone apps available thanks to improvements in IT infrastructure, some of which include:

  • Live Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Zoom
  • Google
  • Twitch

Live broadcasts are another method used by mobile app developers in Riyadh to improve and maximize direct engagement with clients and neighborhood partners.

Types Of Live Streaming Apps

You must understand the umbrella your mobile application concept belongs to before we go over the stages to create a live-streaming mobile app.
Here are three different categories of live-streaming software:

Live Broadcasting Application 

This is the most popular class of live-streaming software. Users of these apps can record, stream, share, and broadcast live audio and video to anybody with access using their devices.

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • Periscope
  • Facebook

Streaming Video On Demand

Users of these platforms can schedule, and stream live their favorite TV shows via live-streaming apps. Popular websites like

  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime

Streaming Audio

Platforms for streaming audio allow anyone with a compatible device access to record and listen to sounds in real time.

  • Podbean
  • Spotify

Benefits Of Live Streaming Apps In Business

Businesses have started using video-on-demand app development services with the assistance of an android application development company in Saudi Arabia to get an edge over competitors after seeing the enormous advantages of live broadcasting. However, some people are still not aware of the biggest benefits of live-streaming software.

Wide Range Of Content

Real-time video streaming, which is not just restricted to audio as well as video streaming, gives businesses the chance to repurpose content in various ways. It offers the possibility to employ various media and visual material types, including chat rooms, texting, and picture-based information.

Therefore, organizations should search for reputable video-on-demand mobile app development companies in Riyadh that can assist in achieving the goal. To improve viewership, several sites give users the option to transform real-time feeds into on-demand content.

Additional Audience

There were only a handful of audiences that could attend any given event before the age of live broadcasting. But now that live-streaming apps are available from on-demand app creation businesses, there may be an infinite number of individuals able to attend the event.

A lot of people were unable to attend events due to the expensive price of tickets, travel challenges, employment obligations, etc.

Contrarily, live streaming enables information accessible to large audiences worldwide while overcoming a variety of limitations. Live streaming is now supported by real-time video streaming software, by an android application development company in Saudi Arabia which also helps your company succeed.

Monetization Of Video

Since video streaming apps is indeed one of the great services offered by mobile app development service in Riyadh, it serves valuable solutions for video monetization; television broadcasting is also a fantastic way to make money. The viewers can pay a daily, weekly, or yearly subscription fee to see the live-stream videos. In addition to video monetization, sponsored commercials are another technique to generate income.

Different Sectors

Live streaming apps can be extremely beneficial for many industries, like sales, real estate, health care, etc. Live streaming aids retail businesses in the successful introduction of any product by increasing sales. Because they offer a live streaming app that allows for the possibility to present properties to potential purchasers through this channel, iOS application development companies in Riyadh also assist real estate enterprises.

Safety And Privacy

The huge need for streaming live content has significantly increased piracy. The broadcasters suffer a great loss because of the ease with which pirated video content can be accessed. Many free streaming services offer complete knowledge of the content.

As a result, it is challenging to protect the data. However, to address this problem, the creators of live-streaming apps offer commercial features that may be used for full security, forensic watermarking, or sophisticated monitoring. All these services advocate for reducing illegal live streaming.

Developing Live Streaming App

Like various other mobile applications, live streaming apps are made by mobile app development companies in Riyadh using a similar procedure.
The steps are as follows:

Discovering Stage

  • Team members meet with other company founders during the discovery stage of the development process for live streaming apps to better understand the app's concept, category, and niche.
  • After gathering the necessary data, a budget is made, and delivery deadlines are estimated.

The discovery phase contains several components, including:

  • Research into the viability of products
  • Set business objectives
  • Determine who your target market is.
  • Determine the budget and deadline.
  • Establish a project blueprint.

Designing UI/UX

The construction of mockups and wireframes for the live streaming app is the next step by the iOS application development companies in Riyadh.

  1. These mockups and wireframes offer a visual representation of the live streaming app's overall design and a chance to solicit early feedback from key stakeholders before production gets underway.
  2. Your user interface and user experience are conceptualised throughout the design phase.
  3. Due to the frequent need for modifications on deliverables, this stage can be more fluid than others. The procedure, meanwhile, is incredibly inventive and serves as the starting point for additional technical tasks.
  4. Before beginning the design phase, the discovery phase must be finished. This is so that an acceptable user interaction for the solution may be mapped out using the results of consumer research.

Mobile app developers in Riyadh ought to have the following deliverables after completing this step:

  1. A functional prototype
  2. Separate live streaming apps for iOS and Android or a cross-platform design
  3. Complete UX wireframe.
  4. A clear pictorial representation of each feature a developer must construct should be the outcome of the design process.
  5. Deliverables should be both aesthetically pleasing and technically sound.

Developing Stage

The core development happens at this level of the process. Here, a group of front-end and back-end programmers create code utilizing a variety of appropriate programming languages. Divide the live broadcast app development phase into three sections for this step:

  1. A proper technology stacks
  2. Build the backend.
  3. Make the interfaces for mobile devices.

Testing QA Phase

The process of ensuring that an arrangement and its components adhere to the specified blueprint, technical specifications, and overall business need is known as the QA testing phase. The process of finding faults, mistakes, and gaps that clash with business and technical objectives is known as planning.

Launch Of Live Streaming App

It's time to release the mobile application on the appropriate platforms after the founders and other key participants find your live-streaming app appealing.

  • Launching a product that many people utilize for live recording and broadcasting—which requires a high retention and engagement rate—is the goal of live streaming app development. Make sure your product has a pertinent feedback loop for success.
  • You need a development staff like a top Riyadh app company to handle tech support and ongoing app maintenance if you want to have easily accessible live streaming app. Rapid changes have a positive impact on user experience and increase retention.

Must-Have Features For Video Streaming App Development

The top-notch Mobile app developers in Riyadh will analyze your most prominent rivals, discover their weak points, incorporate new app features, and painstakingly consider every small aspect of the next program to create appealing live video streaming software. Here is a list of the fundamental elements that the footage streaming platform must have to get started.

Accounts And Users

Make a customized user area where users can adjust settings, update personal information, and alter subscription terms. Allow several account holders to access the application from the same device, in addition.

Management Of Metadata

Make it simple for subscribers to access the textual summary of each item of on-screen video material. By reducing time on video searches, metadata management improves user experience and streamlines app navigation.

Library With Categories

Create a variety of sections related to movie genres, rates, actors, subjects, etc. to create a logical and easy-to-navigate video content library. Keep users from becoming lost in an unorganised sea of movies, videos, and programs.

Adaptive Search

Include an intelligent search function powered by machine learning in your online streaming app to help viewers find the content they're looking for fast and get personalized recommendations based on their tastes and behavior.

Voice Lookup

Give users the option to voice-navigate their video streaming service instead of using cumbersome remote controls, ensuring an outstanding lean-back experience. All of the major manufacturers of smart TVs support the voice search capability.


Live streaming video is vulnerable to theft and unfettered distribution on piracy websites. DRM is a crucial tool for protecting your ownership of the information streamed through your app and preventing unauthorized copying and sharing.

Retention And Subscriptions

The bulk of services for streaming video material require paid memberships to access them. Here it can be helped by ipad application development companies in Riyadh. They offer a variety of subscription plans to meet the needs across the app user segments to secure customer retention.

Advertising Campaigns

One of the most common methods of making money from video streaming apps is by including advertisements in your content. By using the audience's personal information and viewing habits to create better-targeted and less intrusive advertisements, you may enhance campaign positioning and make it helpful for all parties involved.

Local Ad Server

Local ad servers are either chosen or developed specifically by the ipad application development companies in Riyadh to store video ads, inserting them into streams to reach target audiences and evaluate the click ability and general effectiveness of placed ads.

Ad Recognition

Utilized the ML-powered ad detection tool by mobile app development services in Riyadh to make the placement of ads simpler. The technique allows for the seamless placement of targeted adverts during ad breaks in streaming content.


Select the type of storage for video content during the pre-development phase. The most affordable and dependable storage options available today are cloud-based ones, which also offer easy storage of data and on-demand space scaling.


Live streaming is a fantastic approach to increasing your income. If a company has the necessary expertise to build a live-streaming service, it can expand at an ever-increasing rate. Companies can significantly increase conversion rates and customer engagement by incorporating live streaming into their operations. If video monetization is your main goal for live streaming, you need to find skilled mobile app development services in Riyadh that can assist you in achieving that goal. 
Choose the top Riyadh App Company such as Saudi Apps which is a live-streaming app development company situated in Saudi Arabia for the highest level of efficiency and knowledge.


What advantages does social media live streaming offer?

Instead of just presenting to your audience, live streaming on social media turns a video into a discussion. Users can leave comments and share likes, and you can reply right away. Most importantly, you can increase engagement and trust, which will persuade your audience to return for more.

How do you successfully live stream?

Get going before going live. Advertise a live stream to assist users learn about your event and let them know where the reason that they should be tuned in.
During the event, increase participation and involvement.
Don't allow the live broadcast to be cut off when the chat does.
What use does live streaming serve?

You may interact with customers and boost engagement by live broadcasting in real-time. While you're streaming, your readership has the chance to interact with you, ask questions, and experience your product.

What characteristics does live streaming have?

  • Engagement of the audience
  • Analytics of the audience
  • Broadcast recording
  • Customizable branding
  • Event scheduling
  • HD video streaming
  • Live chat
  • Live polling

What benefit does streaming technology offer?

Here are some additional benefits of streaming services in addition to saving money by skipping cable TV: They provide music and shows more quickly. You decide when and what you watch. Compared to downloading content, it uses less disc space.

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